Friday, November 7

So excited!!!

Tonight, Matt will be taking the boys to Ohio to spend time with my in-laws. I will be hosting a Tastefully Simple party. It started off just being 4-5 friends from my moms group. But now, I'm wondering if I went too far and invited too many people!

I invited a lot of my new friends from Payton's school. About 8-10 of them. I was thinking they wouldn't come, or only a couple would. But really, there's quite a few who will be making it! Right now my count is 10 "yes" and 7 "maybe". If only 2 of those maybes come, I'll still have a full house!!

I'm not excited because of the product I'll get off the party or because it means anything for me. I'm excited because I'm having my friends over. To hang out. And just be silly. and to just be a girl.

The rest of the weekend, Matt was supposed to be off work. Then he was on the schedule. Then off. Finally, he's back on. No way around it. It's a disappointment because I was really looking forward to spending time with him. :( But, I'll get a lot done this weekend. And I really need some me time I think.

So have a great weekend everyone! And if you're in the area tonight around 7pm and you want to come hang out, just give me a call on my cell phone!! ;)


The D'Alessandro Family said...

I love the beer bread!!! It's the best!

Enjoy your "me" time! I'm so jealous!

Gene said...

Have fun tonight, can't wait to get the boys!!!!! Love Mom K.

Marissa said...

have a great weekend - i miss you!