Monday, November 24

So Behind!!!

Thanksgiving is FAST approaching and I'm behind! This weekend, the boys and I ran errands and did fun things on Saturday. Then Saturday night, I started feeling not so good. Just achy and tired really. It was gone by Sunday morning however, so I went on with our plans; church and then visit my inlaws. It was a fun, but busy, weekend.

BUT, that busy weekend was not filled with the things I needed to be doing!! My laundry is piling up and over flowing in all the baskets. I have cookie making supplies out and no cookies to show for it. I have a mess on my counters. I have to pack all the boys clothes and supplies plus my own to travel to Ohio tomorrow. CRAP!! TOMORROW!!!!!

I better get a move on! Someone kick my butt into gear!!


P~Bear said...

You Girl - - GET A MOVE ON!!!!

I also have a ton of stuff to do.

Look'n fwd 2cnu

The D'Alessandro Family said...

YIKES!!! Have fun with that! I'll let you know this week about Saturday. (I have your number)

Jen said...

Better get movin'!! I'm sure you can do it! Have a safe and fun trip!!

Happy Turkey Day!!

Gene said...

Things will work out they always do!!! If the cookies don't get done its not the end of the world, trust me on this one LOL. You will be fine. Love Mom K.