Tuesday, November 18

Not what I want to write about...

but it's on my heart and mind. I had planned to write today about what a great weekend Matt and I had together. My inlaws took the kids (yes, again) and we spent a great amount of time together. Then I thought maybe I'd write about PostSecret since I went to see the "showing" last night at EMU.

But then about 45 minutes ago, Matt called from work. He started the conversation with "Remember how this weekend we were talking about how we may not have everything, but we have a good, solid family?" He then proceeded to tell me that this moment was on his mind as soon as he entered work today.

He then told me about a mom who had come into the hospital. She felt she didn't want to live anymore and so she had taken an overdose of pills. But apparently just ending her own life wasn't enough. She also put klonopin, an anti-panic or anti-seizure medication, into her 10 year old and 13 year old's hot cocoa after school. And then at some point, she set the house on fire. The children and their mother are all going to be fine, physically anyway.

I am just torn up over this. I know times are hard. I know that situations can be rough, miserable and even depressing. I just could never see this situation seeming like the only answer to me. That mother must not have family like I have. Or friends like the ones I have. She must not have a church family who she feels accept and love her like I have.

My heart breaks for those children. They will always remember the day that Mommy tried to kill them. And my heart aches for that mother. Because I believe that someday she will realize the pain she's caused to her children. And she will never be able to explain or soothe that pain away.

Please take a moment now to pray for these two kids. And their mother. And all the others like them that are out there.


Gene said...

Tons of prayers going to them. Love Mom K.

Brightside said...

definitely in my prayers.

Lauren said...

oh it just breaks my heart. just when you think you have it rough or worst, there is always someone out there with more pain. my prayer goes out to the 2 children and the mother.

Lorene said...

I will be thinking about them and praying that they can get all the help they need.