Tuesday, November 11

They really DO love each other!!

Tonight, while at McDonald's for $1.99 happy meal night, Payton did something I thought he would pass up in a heartbeat. Something that moved me to swell with enormous amounts of pride and love.

After the boys ate, they took off to play with some friends we had met there. Payton and Kyler were running up and through all the germ-infested, never-cleaned tunnels, while Moriah and Maxwell were playing on the germ-infested, never-cleaned landing to the play area. Maxwell was happy to go up and down, but I could tell he wanted to go with his brother.

At the end of the night, I asked Payton to follow his brother up the tunnels and "push his tush" to help him through. I thought FOR SURE that Payton would say No. I would have put $5 on it I was so sure.

But just when you think you know your kids, they surprise you. Payton said "sure. Come on, Maxwell." and off they went. I watched them with climb up and through every tunnel. I could hear Payton telling other kids "That's my baby. He's only one." "No, just wait. He's moving." and "I have to stay behind my brother. You go."

I was so proud of him for making the right decisions and for being so loving and protective of his lil' brother. It's not often that I get to see that side of him since they're always fighting over the TV remote (yes...already) and over who has the crayons and paper that the other one wanted while sitting in the "wrong" chair.

But tonight, I got to see that loving relationship shine through. Right up until the slide to bring them back down. Then I got to see how loud Maxwell's screams sound in a tube slide. He wouldn't come down. Payton couldn't make him and was afraid to pull him down the slide with him. Maxwell started to retreat and Payton went down the slide.

In the end, I climbed up the tunnels and got Maxwell down. Those things weren't as dirty as I thought. And it actually was fun up there. Maxwell was happy to see me. But I don't think he'll be doing the tunnels with him brother again. Or anyone for that matter. But at least he had a great loving moment with his big brother.


Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

That's so sweet and I love those instances when your kids do something completely opposite of what you thought they would do and surprise you. Sometimes I don't think we give the little stinkers as much credit as we should. Man, it sure makes a momma's heart swell to see her kids getting along and being protective of each other though, doesn't it? Even if it's only for a moment before they start arguing again. LOL

Gene said...

As I told you on the phone I would have given anything to see you in the tunnel LOL. I am glad P did the right thing, I knew he would. Love Mom K.

Jen said...

How sweet, but I am not surprised. Payton is a great, sweet kid!

Now where are the pics of you in the tunnel??LOL!

Kim Cervone said...

I love those sibling moments (that's about how long they last) Avery used to boost reagan up the tunnels at CEC...so sweet!