Tuesday, November 25


We made it. It was actually a fairly calm trip...at least the boys were calm. Drivers were crazy and the weather was nuts, but all in all, it was a good trip. My best yet with the boys by myself.

We're here for the holidays. My three brothers will all be joining me and the boys, along with my sister in law, my parents, possibly my uncle and one brother's girlfriend. AND MATT!!! Matt hasn't been to a Thanksgiving meal in YEARS. It sucks having family out of state and not having a Thanksgiving meal close by. He always has to work around or on the holiday and can't make the 4 hour drive.

This year, he will be joining the Galt Family Thanksgiving...which occurs in great Galt style...a day late. Figures. Nothing in this family happens on the day it's supposed to. Even Christmas is celebrated on the 26th!

The boys are all settled into bed after an hour of cuddles for Gmaw and Papa Bear. I can tell they've been missed.

I think tomorrow we'll set up my parents' Christmas Tree for them. And then my oldest brother, Loren, is coming over to do some cooking for the big meal. I'll be working on an apple cake and maybe a pumpkin pie....we'll see.

Have fun in all your preparations and travels! And be safe!!!


Gene said...

Glad you made it safe and all is well, and so glad Matt can make it. I pray you have a wonderful time with your family!!! Love Mom K.

The D'Alessandro Family said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Jen said...

Glad everyone made it safe and sound, I was woried about you guys with the yucky weather! Have a wonderful time!!! We miss you!