Sunday, March 28

Make New Friends...

As I spent the night chatting with a friend, I was thinking about the old girl scout song;

Make new friends,
But keep the old.
One is silver,
and the other gold.

The last year has been rough on my friendships. It's hard to even stay in contact with some of my best friends when I'm working so much. My schedule isn't the same as theirs anymore and when the boys finally get in bed, I have more work to be done.

My mom and I used to talk several times a day. Now, only a few times a week. Same with my oldest brother, Loren. Our conversations have been drastically cut to once a month or less. It's sad really.

I used to participate in a weekly playgroup for my boys. We had a fabulous group of four friends with all their children who were getting together weekly until this past summer. I miss them. I miss their kids. I miss our tea time and our conversations.

And my besterest friend, Tiffany. I am so grateful for our understanding friendship. We both know that just because we aren't able to talk or share or get together, we're still best friends. There is nothing that can change that. But we haven't seen each other in months and we don't get to talk all that often either. Her son, Nate, has been asking about us lately. I hope we get to see each other soon!

But one good thing has come of this year. I've made lots of new friends. For the most part, the staff at Reach has been very warm and accepting. I've made a few friends who are closer than others, and these are the friends that I know I needed in my life. Not because they replace old friends, but because they are new kinds of friends.

I'm very grateful for these people in my life and the interesting dynamic they bring. But, I still miss you, old friends. I miss you a lot.

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