Monday, March 15

I have a date!

I started my new gym this week. I have a date. A sticking date. I will uphold my date. 5:30am 4 days a week. Me and my gym will meet.

Today, I got in some great time on the elliptical and put all the arm machines in the circuit to use. I showered and headed to work. It was a great day, enjoyed dinner with my family and then when the boys were home with Matt, I headed back to the gym for 30 more minutes on the treadmill.

The things I'm MOST excited about:
1) The gym is only 5 minutes from our house. Perfect for me to just run there for 30-45 minutes if I can fit it in.
2) The gym is between the house and school. Great for me to head directly to school when needed.
3) There is free tanning. I'm not much of a tanner, but once in awhile, I think I'll use it. Especially in the winter.
4) I'm going to lose weight. Again. I lost a good amount about 1.5 years ago, but then when my gym membership ended because my Y closed, I didn't go back. I gained back all I had lost.

The things I'm NOT excited about:
1) 5:30am is my only time that I can consistently make it to the gym without worrying about the boys or someone else's schedule.
2) The soreness. I'm already feeling it as I've increased my home exercise over the last week.
3) The bill. $40 a month. It's not necessarily a lot, but I'm in a one year contract. That scares me.
4) 5:30am. I like my sleep.

Think of me. Pray for me.

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