Thursday, March 18

Beautiful Spring

It's been a great week!

I made it to the gym by 5:30am Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday this week. Today was my day off, but I'll be back tomorrow morning! I'm enjoying the soreness and discomfort. I know it means I'm being stretched and pushing myself. I can handle it if it means I'm moving towards my goal.

The weather has been beautiful too! We started a new dismissal procedure at school and I was lucky enough to be appointed an semi-outdoor position. I open up an outside door to let parents in and can I tell you, it's been great this week. I stand at the door, great parents, say my hellos and enjoy the bright sunshine and warmth. Now next week, when it's snowing and raining, I'll be standing in the gym to say my hellos! ;)

Because the weather has been so amazing, my tulips, hyacinth and other mysterious spring plants are coming out of the ground. I have about 2-5 inches of greens up already! My neighbor has daffodils that are almost in bloom!! I already have my sunflower seeds purchased and some from last year that we saved. That doesn't count what's already in the ground. A few more weeks and I'll plant those so they can start right away again this year. I'm hoping to have some BIG ones like last year and then plant another round in June that will be in bloom through September like 2 years ago.

Tomorrow is a half-day of school for us. Payton is going to Matt's parents for the weekend. Matt has military. That leaves Max and me alone for the weekend. I'm not sure what we'll do yet, but I'm bound to find something fun for the boy to do!

Off to enjoy the weather...while it lasts!!

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