Tuesday, March 9

God has us where he wants us

For a long time, I wondered why we moved to Michigan almost 6 years ago. For awhile, I thought it was the friends. I have made some AMAZING friends and I often wonder if I would be a good mom without them. They have been such a crucial part of my parenting and life.

And while I know I've been blessed by friends, it's just part of the reason we're away from our families. I thought maybe it was the jobs. Matt has a secure job in the ER at the hospital he works in. He loves the field and the adrenaline rush. He enjoys his time with the company and has a lot of opportunities to do teaching he wouldn't be able to do elsewhere. And I've been blessed this year with a great job at Payton's school you all know about too.

But that can't be it entirely it either. This week, while sitting in church, listening to the mission statement I've heard 1,000 times, it hit me. THIS is why we're in Michigan. Because what our church believes is what we believe. What we want for our faith and our walk is what our church is growing people to become.

Love God
Love People
Serve Our World

These are the things we've been teaching our children their whole lives. The things we try to embody ourselves. The morals, values and beliefs I want our boys to pass on to their children. God first, people second, then serve the world. All belongings and possessions fall well below those three.

Our church has nearly secured a HUGE building where we will begin a new ministry; Hope Center. It will be the largest food pantry in the county. They will offer amazing services and assistant to SO many people. The church has been blessed by Meijer who supplied us with the materials and the food items to get started. I'm so excited about this project I can barely contain myself. Some of the families who will be assisted by this program are "MY" kids...the ones I teach all day long.

We will be volunteering as a family at the shelter once a month (or more). I want out boys to know that the best way to show God's love isn't to blab about it or to act like your better than others in some way. It's to show people that you love God by showing people that you love others. And to serve the world in ways that show His love.

I'm so excited about where we're going, what we're doing and what's in store for our little family and our BIG church family. God has us where he wants us. That has been proven to us many time...this was just one more.

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