Sunday, March 7

Young Chocolatiers Class

This weekend, it's just me and P. And I LOVE these weekends!!

Knowing this weekend was coming up, about 2 months ago, Matt and I signed Payton up for a Young Chocolatiers Class. They were to be making "Easter Holiday Chocolates". I wasn't sure what they would be like, but I knew he'd like it.

So Saturday morning, we finally got up and moving and headed to Miles Cake & Candy Supply Store in Mt. Clemens, MI. The class was a nice size, not too big or too small. They had everything prepared and set out and were ready for the kids when we got there. Payton was so excited. I could tell he was ready to bounce out of his seat.

The class started with making pink chocolate covered popcorn. It was all uphill from there. We made a LOT of chocolate covered things that pertain to the upcoming holiday. Payton really had a fabulous time and, surprisingly, so did I. I didn't think I would, but it was fun! Just the two of us working on projects like that.

Here are the "best of" pictures I have. I submitted the pictures to the owner of the cake supply shop too, so maybe those will be up on her website someday as well.

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