Saturday, February 9

2:30 am ramblings...

It's amazing what a great night with friends doing "nothing" can do for your spirit. Earlier today I felt lonely and slightly neglected. Matt's working a ton of hours of overtime, for our family I know. And I *REALLY* appreciate the sacrifices he's making. But I miss him and his company and help by the sixth or seventh day in a row of him not being home.

So when I was able to get together with some close friends tonight, I jumped at the chance. It was great to see them, have some snacks, a drink or two and just hang out. We played Wii for awhile and just enjoyed each others company. That boost was enough to get me through a few more days of life without Matt around. I'm forever grateful to those friends and they mean so much more to me than they will know.

The look, the feel of's the fabric of my life!

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Marissa said...

ahhh, i know the feeling and boooo, i only wish i could have been there last night. i could have used what you received from a night of friends. sometimes i really feel way out in left field living on this end of the highway. sob story over - i'm SO happy you are feeling reenergized, that makes me happy for you for real!!! :D {{{smooches & love}}}