Tuesday, February 19

Love Letters

I remember the days of "notes". When notes were passed in classes, between friends and lovers. When whole notebooks, decorated with things two or more friends shared, were dedicated to the topics of boys, homework, awful parents and unfair rules. In a box somewhere in this house, I believe I may even have a few of these notebooks, as well as a few love letters from a former boyfriend.

Since high school however, love letters have become much more meaningful. I have one such love letter from Matt from our college days that he left taped to my dorm room door. It will forever hold a special place in my chest of memories.

A few years ago, with the widespread use of technology, I realized I wasn't "passing notes" anymore. I wasn't sharing my daily life with people unless they saw me. I wasn't telling them how much I loved them. I wasn't remininding people how important they were in my life. I decided to try harder to write a good old fashioned letter or note once or twice a month.
I try to pick someone different that I haven't seen in awhile. Or maybe someone who needs a "pick me up". Depending on the friendship, I may write a funny story, a serious antidote or just say hello and I'm thinking of them.

These "love letters" have been sent to family, friends, friends of my moms who have become friends of mine, and I even sent one to a neighbor once who I only knew from saying "hello" once in awhile.

I'm not sure what the letters mean to the recipients, but I hope that they brighten their day and remind them that someone cares enough to take five minutes to write that down. I hope it means as much to them as those old love letters mean to me.


Anonymous said...

I have notebooks filled with notes too. I did get rid of the notes from my high school boyfriend though, I wish I had saved them.

heather too

Marissa said...

at the end of 5th grade, my best friend and i exchanged our daily journal notebook. i got to read all of her entries and keep them. she no longer has mine but i still have hers and we're still good friends. i will treasure that 5th grade journal and her words forever.

great reminder that we have lost that art - i need to do it more too.

Gene said...

I have saved all of the cards and notes Dad gave me while we were dating, and cards since we have been married. They will probably be thrown out by my children when I am gone, but they are mine now and I cherish each and every one of them, and hold them in my heart. Mom K.

Jen said...

I just left a note it Todd's jacket pocket the other day--he really was surprised to get that at 6 am when he was leaving for work. I'm hoping it put a smile on his face!! :)

Kim Cervone said...

I love (and still have)both of the notes you have given me in these last few years. You inspired me also, to send one to my grandma. It's not just kids who like to get mail!! Love you and your love letters!!