Thursday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!!

First, I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's day that you can share with someone you love. <3

We woke up this morning to hugs and kisses from Payton & Maxwell. We had pancakes and strawberries for breakfast and then we opened our Valentine's day presents. Payton made me an adorable card at school and Matt had taken the boys shopping for a card and gift for me. I got a green, plastic, bunny bobble head.

It's the thought that counts right? It was picked out by a 4.5 yr old. Good thing I already planned a massage for myself today!!

I got Matt 2000 points for the Wii to get some new games he wants. Payton got a new Diego DVD and Maxwell got a cookie monster toy that he's already in love with. I think I did pretty good this year!

On another note, Maxwell is pretty much full-on walking now. I can't believe it happened so fast. He'll still crawl if he's in a hurry, but for the most part, he walks like a drunk everywhere.

Payton is doing really well. He loves the new game we have for the Wii, Bust A Move. I can't believe how much hand/eye coordination it's given him. He'd play for hours if I let him!!!


Kim Cervone said...

I'm so envious of the V day gift!! I'm glad to see that although I haven't seen Max in weeks and weeks, he does, in fact, still exist. I hope you LOVED your massage. Of that, I truly AM envious!!

Marissa said...

daddy should have veered lil patey pate toward something with a little more gusto -- say a massage or a pedicure or some crotchless panties. wait, no that wouldn't be right. ignore that last one.

Tiffany said...

aaaaaaah once again, I love those boys.

Great to finally have a Tiffisa day. I needed it!