Friday, February 8

Another "normal" day

We didn't do much today. It's a good thing I think.

Payton had school today and was very excited. They're doing kindergarden readiness evaluations this week. We got back a preliminary sheet that talked about what to expect and what our child would be doing. Thus far, Payton's two biggest challenges at school have been identifying a diamond (not sure how I missed that shape) and he needs to work on his cutting skills. We'll have confrences the end of the month and I'm anxious to know where he's at compared to the rest of the class. Yes, I know. "You can't compare your child to other children", but come on...*insert eye roll here*, what mom doesn't!??!?

Maxwell is taking a ton more steps now that he was just a week ago. He'll actually walk from one item to another if it's less than about 10 steps. Not much longer and he'll be running. What happened to my lil' baby?

I watched yesterday's Oprah last night. It was called "Does this clutter make my butt look big?" The point was that if your home is not healthy and clean and functional, you won't want to use it. Thus, you eat out, make unhealthy, quick decisions to get out of a chaotic kitchen and shop and bring things home to cover the fact that you don't like your home in the first place. Now, I'm not a hoarder by any means. I'd rather throw something away and have to buy it again in a year or two than keep it that long and have it take up space. BUT, the order and functionality of the show really set with me.

So tonight and this weekend, I'm pitching things. LOTS of things. Not because our house is dirty or overrun, but because I like clean surfaces and "things in their place" and it's just not happening right now. So if you're in need of something, let me know. I might have one for you! LOL I'm focusing on my kitchen, dining room and master bedroom. Matt and I still haven't figured out what to do with the master since we moved in back in July. I have picked the wall color now and I'm hoping to paint in the next month.

On another note, as you can see, I changed my blog layout again. I just can't get it to feel like "me". I wish I could do more HTML stuff, but I tried and it deleted some of my favorite pieces of my blog and so I had to put them back and I didn't know how to edit the HTML again. Ugh. So this is what you get, for a few days anyway. Then I'll change it again I'm sure.

Have yourselves a great weekend.

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Marissa said...

If I can help with any HTML stuff, let me know. :D

In that cluttered kitchen if you find any tupperware fridge smart containers you aren't using, you know who to toss them to. ROFL!!

I like the new look!