Wednesday, February 13

Classroom Mom

I had the opprotunity to be a "classroom party mom" today for Payton's Valentine's day party. He was so excited when I mentioned it to him, that I couldn't NOT do it.

So I get there and help the other moms set up the snack tables and pass out the (junk) treats that were brought in. Thank GOODNESS I signed up for juice and was sure they were getting 100% real juice at least. The kids simply ate the frosting off the top of all the treats and didn't eat anything else.

Each of the moms had a table that we were responsible for. I had Payton, his best friend at school, Travis, and Payton's nemisis, Felix. They were actually really good together today and didn't have any problems! Thank goodness!!

While we cleaned up the tables from snack, the teacher explained the craft to them.
They were to decorate red wooden hearts with a hodge-podge of buttons. She was talking about how the buttons came from a former student's mom who didn't have anything to do with them. Mrs. B, Payton's teacher, asked if any of the kids knew what "recycle" meant. Payton was the ONLY one to raise his hand! When she called on him, he said, "To reuse something to help save our planet and keep it clean." I don't think I've ever been so very proud of that lil' environmentalist!

Anyway, The hearts turned out REALLY cute! I think we might do something like this for our family soon. I would take a picture to show you, but Payton gave it to his "bestest" friend Rose. (See "Crazy is as Crazy Does" Blog to meet Rose.)

After that it was time to pass out valentine's. Man...did those kids get loaded with sugar!!! Suckers, chocolates, sweeties, candy hearts, rice krispie treats, cookies...ugh. Thank goodness we have a "one treat a day" rule in our house!

After that was clean up and go. Payton told me on the way home that he really had a good time and he was "really very happy" that I came to his class today. He even asked if I'd come back on his next school day. So cute. I love that he still wants me around!


Marissa said...

That there is some love! great mama/boy time!!!


Tiffany said...

aaaaaaawwwww! Such a sweet little cruchy-boy!