Monday, February 4

just an average day i guess

Today was one of those "normal" mom days. I don't have anything interesting to report really.

I woke, got the boys dressed, fed 'em breakfast & lunch. We left to go run an errand and take P to school. Came home, Max napped and then we went to pick up P from school. We were home about an hour when a friend called to see if I wanted to meet her at McDonald's for dinner with all our kids, so we did that.

I decided since we were so close to the Chiropractor, we'd go there and we were all seen and adjusted. Much needed, btw.

On the way home, P and I sang songs to try to keep Maxwell awake. It actually worked this time!! Got home, and got the boys in their pjs. Nursed Max, got Payton a cookie and put Max to bed. Payton is watching his newest favorite show, American Gladiators (he's going to be a gladiator when he grows up, you know) and then he'll go to bed.

Tomorrow, we have doctor's appointments for both boys. Max's is just a well visit, but Payton's is to have a curious looking mole removed from his scalp. Think about us and pray that it all goes well. But not too well, or we'll have to follow through on our promise to take him to Chuck E' Cheese. ugh. I'll update how the procedure went tomorrow afternoon.

"See" you all tomorrow!


Kim Cervone said...

Just suck it up and take the kid to Chuck E Cheese!!

Ellisa said...

Why don't you take him, Kim? Huh?

Lorene said...

Good Luck at the drs today! We're all praying for you!

Marissa said...

average days are good. they make the ground feel even after those really bad days and those really exciting days.

take the poor kid to CEC and get him a nasty pizza with pepperoni balls, geeez mom. need to borrow a gallon of hand sanitizer afterwards? give me a call. :D