Tuesday, February 26

Tuesday...it's getting better

Well, last night was rough, but it seems that P is on the mend. His fever is staying under 101 without meds and although he got "the ickies" (vomited) last night, he's started eating this afternoon. I think we're on the upswing! Just in time for all our activities this week.

Matt and I seem to have escaped without catching it. And Maxwell, although he's had low grade fevers off and on, doesn't seem to be sick at all. Just sleeping more.

Since everyone seems to be doing well, I went grocery shopping this morning without anyone else. Isn't it sad that the trip was the highlight of my day?! I managed to spend two hours at the commissary on base and just went down every asile to check out the deals and see what we needed. I got a lot of great buys and I was really impressed by the amount of natural and organic goods they are carrying now. I can buy organic there for just a tad bit more than non-organic goods at Kroger! Definately makes it worth the 20 minute trip out to base.

Well, Maxwell is napping and Payton is watching Zaboomafoo, so I'm off to start laundry and organize my pantry. Another exciting part of my day. LOL.

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Gene said...

Ellisa: I hope Payton keeps getting better. I do remember when going to the store without the boys was a highlight LOL !!! Any way hope all gets better so you have a better week. All my Love Mom K.