Friday, February 29

Life on Friday

So not a whole lot going on around here.

Payton is feeling much better. He got a rash yesterday, but it was gone this morning. He's required some extra rest and an earlier bedtime, but he's doing fine. No fever since Tuesday afternoon. I assume at this point, it's over. THANK GOODNESS!!

We are getting some snow right now. It looks like we'll end up with about four inches. I think Payton is going to play out in the snow later. As much as I love that he wants to, I hate snow. It's making North Carolina look better than it already did!!! (Right, Kim?!)

We have three birthday parties this weekend. Two on Saturday afternoon and one in Ohio on Sunday. We'll be making the trek back down to Ohio on Sunday after church and then I think we're going to stay at my inlaws rather than drive right back up the same night. We'll leave early Monday morning to ensure P is back for school and Matt makes it work in time.

Speaking of Matt, he loves his ring. He said he has recieved a TON of compliments on it at work and he's really adjusted to the new size and weight of it. He thought it might be too bulky, but it seems to have grown on him. We did call and order and order it in a half-size smaller, but that won't be in for a couple of weeks yet. So he's wearing the size ten for now.

Here's a picture. Sorry it's not great, but it's the best I can get. It really doesn't capture the ring very well. This is mostly for Marissa anyway, but I know some of you are curious too:

I'm not sure I'll have time to blog this weekend. I'll do my best though!


Marissa said...

It's BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it!!

If you're going to be returning it, be careful it doesn't get dinged or scratched -- it'd suck if they didn't accept it.

Tell Matt I said its da bomb and that he's a lucky dawg to have an awesome wife like you. :)

Feel better soon, Patey Pate!!!!

Lauren said...

I love the new ring!!! How great!!! Enjoy your weekend!

Glad everyone is back up to par!