Thursday, February 21

A real honest for goodness adult weekend!!

Matt and I will be leaving in just a few short hours to take the boys to my inlaws house. We're then going on to my parents' home to help them do some makeovers to the downstairs bedrooms. Not a lot of fun, but at least it will allow for our little family of four to have two bedrooms on the same floor when we visit them!

BUT, while we're there, we are going to have a date night. And we're going to see a movie with my brothers. And we're going to have a real adult dinner with my parents. No kids. No little mouthes to feed. No hands to wash. No lil' man to take to the potty *just* as the food gets to the table.

I'm very excited. SO excited to get some real adult time with my parents, brothers and especially my husband.


Barbie said...

YAY!! Have a great time! You deserve it!!

Tiffany said...

so so so jealous ;)