Monday, April 5

The Best of Today

A beautiful day for what feels like our first day of spring break.

The best of moments:
1) Christmas toys finally got used! Max and Payton each found a few things to take outside to play with.

2) We spent more time outside than inside! Those of you who know my kids, know that's amazing for Payton.

3) After spending time with my parents' dog, Quinn, I started calling Missy "Quinny". Today, when I called for Missy to stop barking and called her by the wrong name, I heard Max go to the fence and tell her "I know you Missy. You not Quinny. Silly Mommy." Yeah. That's awesome.

4) We watched Jill and Kevin's Wedding Dance. Probably 20 times today. The boys can't get enough. And we worked on our dance moves. Bonus.

5) Payton is developing a taste in music. Today, while listening to "The Way I Am" by Ingrid Michaelson, Payton told me that he liked her "singing voice".

A really nice day with my kiddos. Loving them.

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