Friday, April 23

Happy Birthday, Stinky

It's that time.  My "baby" boy turns seven years old tomorrow.

It's hard for me to think "seven".  It sounds "old" to old as seven can be.  But it's not little anymore.  I see it as a big kid age.  He's closer to 10 than I'd like to admit...and I'm not ready to go there.

In processing all this, here are some pictures of the littlest to the current Payton.

I love you, big guy.  You're my brainsource and my intellectual buddy.  I'm so proud of the courteous, polite and compassionate little man you are becoming.  Your brother loves you so very much and you are a spectacular role model for him.  You make our whole family so very proud of you.  We love you with all our hearts!

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