Saturday, April 17

Single Mom - for too long

I'm stressing a bit.  I have all the emotions and thoughts about Max still going through my head.  And this week, Matt's been gone.  Why do crazy things always happen while he's gone?

One night, Maxwell was awake and sick.  He woke up several times in the night and let's just summarize by saying we changed all his bedding a few times.  The next night, it was Payton.  He couldn't sleep and woke up a few times and finally ended up in my bed.  Ugh.  Means I have to carry my 45 pound "baby" back to bed.

Then last night, the dog puked in the middle of the night.  Thankfully it was mostly on her bedding, but still.  I actually laid there contemplating if it was something I could leave until morning.  That lasted long enough for the smell to hit my nose.

Today, we had a birthday party, which was great, but it was overshadowed by two things.  One; a looming visit to the vet that I was sure was going to be chaos. It wasn't.  Everyone (even the dog) behaved very well.

The second thing was a call from my mom telling me that my grandmother's sister (my great aunt) Ruby had passed away that morning.  It's no surprise really.  I know she hasn't been well at all lately, but it still sad to see this generation of our family coming to a close.  There is just one sibling, a sister, left from that family. 

All of this craziness has been dealt with without Matt by my side.  I used to be fine with that.  I used to be ok "flying solo".  I used to look forward to his time away as my time with just the boys.  But any more than 2-3 days and I'm anxiously awaiting his return.

Thankfully, he comes home tomorrow.  I miss you, babe.

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