Wednesday, April 14

Evening Out

I'll be the first to admit my feelings in my last post were flying high. I appreciate all the love and support from all my friends online and in person. Thank you so much. I've received a lot of hugs the last few days. And I really appreciate it all.

I am not taking my decision - whatever that ends up to be - lightly. I love my job. I love my co-workers. I love "my kids". I don't want to miss any of that. But I'm wondering how I can make all this work.

And I know that not all kids are the same. But I think there is a difference between personality and defiance and disrespect. Maxwell's personality is to be argumentative, but it's not ok to be disrespectful in the way he does it.

I'll figure it all out sooner or later. Thank you, again, for your support with all this lately.

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