Thursday, April 29

Birthday Celebrations

Well, last week, he did it. Against my wishes, my lil' man turned seven.

He had a special day! His Grandma and Papa Gene and the four of us all when out to lunch at Red Robin. Then, Matt had to go to work, but my brother, Damon, and his girlfriend, Amy, came into town. We went to American Pie for dinner and had a great time. Although there were no gifts given last weekend, I know he had a wonderful time with his family.

Tomorrow, we leave right after school to head to Ohio. It's time to party it up Kobylak Style. We're having about 30 family and friends over to my inlaws home to celebrate the big day. I plan to (pray for me) make a large cake with the end scene to Super Mario Brothers on it. I pray it comes out well and I hope I don't stress...too much...over it.

I'll post pictures on Sunday or Monday! Have a great weekend!

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