Monday, April 12

Toledo Imagination Station

Over Spring Break, Matt and I decided to take the boys to the Toledo Imagination Station.  It used to be COSI.  We were just hoping it was as good as COSI used to be.

We arrived around 12:30pm.  The place was busy, especially since it was spring break, but it wasn't crazy.  A LOT of the same stuff was there as used to be when COSI owned it.  There were some specialty exhibits that the kids liked and we enjoyed a lot of the activities.  The boys favorite was the water area.  They have a big kids area and a little kids (preschool) play area.  They both played in the preschool one and it was just right for them. 

While watching them play, I really noticed (again) their difference in personalities.  Maxwell wants to be aggressive and is very "into" his play.  Notice his angry eyes while he's driving the firetruck below.  Everything he does is with gusto and full emotion. 

Payton, on the other hand, was very nurturing and caring in his play.  He spent a lot of time looking at x-rays, getting the babies dressed and pretending to be a doctor.  The rest of his time was spent trying to figure out how things work.

We did eat there.  Matt and I had salads, Vitamin Waters, and the kids each had a kids meal (chicken nuggets were WAY better than the burger).  Total cost was $25ish.  Not crazy, but a little pricey.

We bought a membership which will get us into a LOT of nationwide science centers.  I'm excited to start using the membership especially since Maxwell can play more now. 

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