Wednesday, April 7

I've been given the boot

Monday, while doing some yard work, I dropped the glass & metal top of our bistro table onto my bare foot.

Yesterday, the pain was getting worse. Today, it hurts even more. I was about in tears driving home from a friend's house today.

After extras, my new podiatrist decided I have a *slight* stress fracture. He gave me a highly-fashionable and oh so comfortable LARGE plastic boot to wear. He'd like me to wear it three weeks, but said that really, when the bruising and pain went away, I could probably stop wearing it. He's not really worried about the walking on it or stress on it, but more that someone (say, Maxwell, maybe) would step on it and slow the healing (and cause pain).

I'm not looking forward to wearing it all weekend...or returning to school with it on Monday. Hopefully this heals up REALLY fast!!!

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