Monday, August 11

Family Time

Matt brought the boys home from Ohio last night around 7pm. Payton was so happy to see me that he couldn't stop telling me he loved me and he'd missed me. All night long. It was great. When we put him to bed, he even asked me to lay with him for five minutes so he could cuddle. He never does that. It's so nice to have him home.

This morning when we all got up, we decided to take a family zoo trip. Our first this year. Family time was needed. And more is still needed. Here are the pictures from today.


Lorene said...

Great pics! I love the last one f P and the polar bear!

You are looking Hott Momma! Keep up the good work!

We need some family time at the zoo, too. We so need to stop and smell the roses a little more often. :)

Jen said...

Looks like you had a great day at the zoo. What a prefect day to go!!

We need some family time too.

Gene said...

Great pics, glad you had family time!
It's so important. Love Mom K.

Marissa said...

great pics
great family day
great memories being made!

i'm so happy you took the time to do this today and i was so thinking, "awwww" to how excited payton was to see you last night.

much love to you all, from all of us. :::smooches:::

Kim Cervone said...

I;m glad you all had such a great day. Those are so important

Brightside said...

I especially love that last pic of P.

I love family days :)