Friday, August 1

My Birth Month!!

Yep! It's here! Just like someone else I know, I get a whole month. (Luckily, or maybe unfortunately, we don't have the same birth month.) I'm worth a whole month. I know it. ;) And I get to share it with the Olympics this year. I love that.

So far, the plans are pretty mute. Such a shame. Hopefully, I'll be going out of town next weekend to visit the other birth month girl to celebrate someone ELSE's birthday (they apparently aren't worthy of a whole month). Beyond that, on my actual birthday, a friend has offered to make dinner for me and the boys since Matt has to work. Then on Friday, the 15th, Matt is off work. I think we're going to The Melting Pot. YUM! FONDUE! Maybe see a movie or something after.

I am going to try to make it "home" to Ohio for a few days closer to the end of the month. But, I already received my present from my parents. I got a great haircut and color last night (no, I couldn't wait until Saturday, Gene!) I'm really happy with and I am loving the stylist too! I can't wait to try to straighten it. I think it will work pretty well!

So, go ahead, wish me Happy BirthMonth!


P~Bear said...

It will not be an official birthday until your family sings you the appropriate dirge and I am looking forward to doing just that..

P~Bear said...

Nice hairdo, but I still liked it best when you wore so long that it was all the way down to your tush.

Gene said...

Love the new look !!!!! Have a great b-day month. Love Mom K.

Ellisa said...

Dad, when it was down to my tush, I was only 3.5 feet tall!!! LOL

Tiffany said...

Happy early birthday lovie!

Marissa said...


It's probably best that we don't share. I already have to share it with the Tiffsters. grrr. ;)

Let's party like rock stars... or at least rock moms. LOL!

Marissa said...

...adding... and oh yes I do mark Nov. 1 on every calendar MARISSA'S BIRTHMONTH BEGINS.


Start shining up your tiara!!

Kim Cervone said...

I love the haircut and color. Great way to begin a whole new year.Happy birthmonth to you!!!