Tuesday, August 12

Reflecting on Summer Beauty

In the spring, I planted some "wildflower seed mix", "sunflower seed mix" and some "cut bouquet flower seeds" behind all my marigolds and zinnias in our front beds. I wasn't sure what was weed and what was flower when they were coming up, but now, there's no doubt. This lil' beauty is one of two blooming and I have about a dozen more that will bloom soon!

I'm always amazed at what can come from such little work and effort with just the right amount of sun and water. It's kind of like my kids. I'm never sure if I'm messing them up or helping them. It's not until Maxwell uses a new sign that I've been teaching him or until Payton finally GETS how to read that I see the results of my labor. The "sun" and "water" I provide will hopefully give them deep roots to help them get through life.


Kim Cervone said...

What a beautiful flower...and such beautifull boys..you sure grow 'em good!!!

Marissa said...

Beautiful...all of you, and the flower too.

Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

What an awesome analogy. Sure seems to me like you're doing a good job with your boys and your flowers! Love ya!