Saturday, August 9

Six-Word Memoirs

Most of you know that I check "PostSecret" every Sunday. It's a vice of mine. I like to see what other secrets people have to confess. Frank, the "owner" of PostSecret started a MySpace page where today, he posted another interesting topic. SIX-WORD MEMOIRS.

There is a book that came out in Feb 2008, written by "SmithMag", where the idea is "Could you write your story in only six words?" Hemmingway was once challenged to do so. His response?

FOR SALE: baby shoes, never worn.

I haven't come up with mine yet. I have a few thoughts. I guess I'll post it when I get it right.
Can you come up with yours?


Kim Cervone said...

My first thought was I don't have time to think about it so "no time to think, no problem" is my title off the top of my head....atleast that is the title of this chapter : )

Gene said...

I have been thinking for that last few days and this is what I have come up with.
I have loved my family much !