Saturday, August 2

Safety doesn't happen by accident

Payton has spend 20 hours of the last two weeks in Safety Town, put on for a small fee by Clinton Township, MI. It was an AMAZING program that I highly recommend to all my friends.

Each day had a different safety theme; Germ Safety, Bus Safety, Bike & Street Safety, Fire Safety (including a trip to the fire station), Stranger Danger and 911, EMS & Poison Safety, Pool Safety (with a trip to the pool of course) & Outdoor Safety. Payton had a great time with some of our friends who were also in the same class.

On the last day, they had a "graduation" where they taped little tassels to the kids' bike helmets. They sang songs, ate cake and did a craft and then everyone got to play in the Safety Town. Great day. Great kids. GREAT program! Enjoy the pics & video.

Maxwell & the police pooch

Payton in the car...with his helmet on

Maxwell in the car


Gene said...

What more can I say, To Cute!!!! Love Mom K

Marissa said...

how awesome! i so wish they had something like that here!!!

congrats on graduating payton!