Monday, August 25

Tales of Travel Time

My last post descriped the first half of my week away, the last half was more of the same. More shopping (gosh, I love to shop) and spending time with family.

We went to a Cleveland Indians game with my parents, two of my three brothers and my little brother's girlfriend, Stephanie. Thankfully, the game was fast moving and over fairly quickly. The boys did well and we changed them into pjs in the parking garage before heading home. It was a good adventure for them.

More shopping, more eating, more fun and family.

Friday, I packed up the boys and dropped them in Toledo with my inlaws before driving the rest of the way back home. I had a great night Friday with two of my dearest friends. Nothing can compare to time with people who really "GET" you!

Saturday, Matt and worked long and hard at repairing the fence that our dog has been trying to get under. It was a feat, but with great results. We need to put a new gate on it, but the fence itself looks 100% better! And we did it without arguing or complaining (too much).

We rewarded ourselves by heading into Mt. Clemens for the "Bath City Festival" where we had dinner at Luigi's Downtown. It was alright. I've had better food and service, so I don't think we'll be going back. After, we shared an ice cream cone and watched the fireworks. When that was over, we decided to wander around for awhile until it started to rain and we found a place called "Fritti's" to seek cover. Upstairs in the loft, was a great local acoustic band that we listened to for a couple of hours while waiting for the rain to pass.

It didn't pass. When we were finally really ready to leave, we got caught in another downpour and I ended up running through the streets barefoot to our car. My sandals were not made to get wet and were very slippery. It was a fun end to our night.

Sunday, we went to Great Lakes Crossing to finish up Payton's school uniform (which I ended up returning most of it today..ugh. This kid is so hard to fit!). Matt decided to make a big purchase and bought me a ring to replace the engagement ring I lost (twice) before we got married. I love it and it means a lot to me that he wanted to do it, not just because I asked him to.

From there, we went to meet Matt's parents to get the boys.

Today, we hung out with friends for a "back to school" playdate. Probably our last until October. It's so sad that our kids are going to be at school full really changes my social schedule.

The rest of this week is more of the same....


Tiffany said...

oh baby! I am so so so glad you got your ring!

Friday night was awesome, although I could have had *one* less drink!

Tiffany said...
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Kim Cervone said...

Sounds like a great time. Can't wait to see your new bling.

Marissa said...

i can't wait to see your ring!

i miss you already.


Jen said...

Sounds like fun!! And I absolutely cannot wait until Oct. to see you again, we have to get together sooner than that!!