Friday, August 8

Thank You, My Friends

Since my last post, there has been an outpouring from my friends. Concern, mostly, but laughter and hugs as well. The friends I have are my rock and support. They understand, listen and offer solid advice.

So, THANK YOU, my friends. You're shoulders to lean on, arms to get hugs from and ears to listen are appreciated and will be used.


P~Bear said...

A Hug,a squeeze, and a prayer.

Marissa said...

Not sure if I was one of them today (I mean, I did talk to you but hell you *might not* be directing this post to me....I'm so vain, I probably thought this post was about me....sing it with me...), regardless, you know I'm here for you at 2pm or at 2am or anytime in between. Always. :D

Lorene said...

Marissa makes me giggle.


I'm here for you whenever you need me to be. How's about a lunch sometime soon. I haven't had pizza snackers since Cecelia was born. I think that might be a major injustice on my behalf. Haha!

Kim Cervone said...

"Knowing you can always count on me, for sure. That's what friends are for..." Sing it with me now. Or maybe you weren't referring to me either. I guess you have a few friends who are "so vain"...Love ya anyway!