Thursday, August 28

Too Grown Up

Today, was the last day for playgroup as we've known it for the last 4 years.

Back in May of 2004, a few moms got together for a one time playdate. Or so we thought. Little did we know that we would soon become a group of moms who met on a weekly basis to hang out and talk while our kids played.

We've met just about once a week for every week for the last four years. We've watched the kids grow into little people and big siblings. We've talked preschool, temper tantrums, eating issues, sleeping issues, pooping issues...everything! We've watched these little ones become friends and at time enemies.

Now our little babes are starting kindergarten. Our groups will have to meet in the evening when the kiddos are home from school. It won't be weekly. Maybe not even bi-weekly. I'm sure the kids will miss their times together. But what a great four years it's been for them!!

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Kim Cervone said...

Honest to God, there are tears streaming down my cheeks. What saps we are!!! Great post, Ellisa!