Thursday, August 14

My Birthday

Today, I turned 29 years old. I spent it with my two greatest loves and biggest accomplishments, MY BOYS! Payton gave me this:

It's the Polish Birthday Song

Matt had to work today and left early this morning. The boys and I played most of the morning away and tried to figure out if we should keep the dog or kill her. She made her own doggie door last night while I was at the gym.

We decided to give her one more chance. She better not blow this!!

Anyway, back to MY day. Max ate like a big at lunch and then napped for 3.5 hours!!! In the mean time, I made a few phone calls and then I played Mario Kart on the Wii for 1.5 hours with my kid. We did some coloring afterwards and played with the dog.

I had an appointment with a GREAT sales rep at Verizon who let me trade in my phone early. He said it was because it was my birthday. I think he really just wanted me to leave him alone. LOL But whatever it was, I got my new phone and we headed up to a friend's house.

My very good friend, Angie, offered to make me and my boys dinner for my birthday. So very sweet of her! She made a delicious meal of sausages, potatoes and carrots in this foil packet with lots of butter and spices. So yummy! Then for dessert she made a cherry crumb cake. She even got me a little package of stationary. We had a great night talking about our kids and our lives.

Now I'm home, the kids are in bed, I'm beat and I'm heading to bed. Thank you to everyone who called or texted me on my birthday to with me a happy day and sing to me. It means so much.


Marissa said...

Sounds like you had a GREAT day. I couldn't be more happy that *you alone* saw that it happened.

On your next birthday, the big 30, we are going to whoop it up BIG. :)

Gene said...

Glad you had such a nice day, tell Payton he did a Great job on the song. Sorry to hear that you got a doggie door you were not planing on LOL !!! Love you Mom K.

Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

Glad to hear you had such a nice birthday, minus the unwanted doggie door. LOL Payton is just too cute. Love the song. Here's to a great year leading up to the big 30!

Jen said...

Glad it was great b-day( except for the dog part, but my dog ate through a whole door so yours looks pretty mild to me,LOL!)and love payton's song. ITA with Marissa, next year we party hardy for your BIG 30!!

~Jess said...

Happy Birthday! Payton did great with the Polish birthday song!

Lorene said...

Ummmm...I was reading your blog apparently too fast and was like "Wow! Thats awesome! Ellisa and the boys put in a doggy door. Thats awesome!" But then I thought about it and wondered why the heck you wouldn't just open that door for the dog. I re read in and laughed out loud. I think I may have been sleep deprived.

Remember we were having that conversation about dogs when we were at Kim's and she was scooping poop? Add the unwanted doggie door to my list of reasons why I won't have a dog anytime soon. Haha! (((HUG)))

And Payton....ummm...I think if things don't work out with him and Rose, then Em or Elle would be more than happy to step in. Polish birthday song? PRICELESS!

Kim Cervone said...

ou also really love your friends that can't even remember the exact date of their own children's birthdays, let alone the friends that they love so very much, right?? I'm glad you had a great birthday, you young little chickadee!!