Tuesday, August 19

Ohio Again

We're back in Ohio. We spent the weekend with my inlaws in Toledo and then came to Berea to my parents' home yesterday.

Saturday, we went straight to my father-in-law's family cottage. It's a great home on Lake Erie with a beach and a great little beach house that is all glass and sits on the beach. The boys had a GREAT time playing with their cousins, closer and more extended family both, while I enjoy Matt's cousins and aunts and uncles. We went to Dot & Gene's home on Saturday night.

Sunday, we met some of the family from the day before at the Toledo Zoo. It is BY FAR my favorite zoo. Everything is so well landscaped and beautiful. We had a fabulous day, albeit hot, before heading to Payton's favorite restaurant for dinner; Bob Evans.

Monday, I did some shopping and then picked up the boys and decided to take them to mine and Matt's Alma Mater; University of Toledo. It was very cool to show the boys around and let them see where we went to school. Payton was very interested in the college and what happened in each building. He asked tons of questions. I showed him all around campus, my dorms and in the student union.

Payton told me that he wants to go there to "be taught". I told him that would be fine. I suggested he may be able to live with Papa Gene and Grandma when he went to college. He told me that he wanted to live on campus his first year. I told him we'll see, but after that he may have to live with his grandparents. He then told me,

"I don't think so mommy. I think I'll find an apartment off campus."
Why am I discussing college living situations with my five-year-old??
After a few pictures by the fountain and college seal, we loaded up and got underway to Berea. We arrived around 4pm and settled in for a bit before heading to Red Lobster for my birthday dinner.
Today, we've been running to Lowe's and Home Depot making decisions for my parents' bathroom remodel. It will be started next week, so by our next trip out, we'll have a new bath to use!!! WOOHOO!!
This afternoon, we'll be doing so shopping for school clothes for Payton (God bless the person who deemed uniforms necessary! so much less to worry about!). Then we'll be having dinner with my parents and spending another relaxing night watching well built men and women do amazing athletic activities (aka, the Olympics).
I can't post pictures from here, so I'll do one post when we get home. Sorry! Use your imaginations!


Gene said...

It's amazing how grown up Payton thinks and talks at times, the fact that he knows he wants to live off campus in an apartment is so cool. Tell him it's ok if he does not want to stay with us, but that he would be very close so he could visit us a lot. LOL Love Mom K
Have a great visit at you folks

Jen said...

Glad you are having a good time. better start saving for Payton's apt. and his wedding. Anna informed she will be marrying him,LOL!!

Have a safe trip home, we miss you and can't wait to see you!

Marissa said...

i miss you!

tell payton that bob evans is one of my fave restaurants too. i'm so high end. :D

Kim Cervone said...

Sounds like he has it all planned out. Who would want to live with grandparents when they can "get an apartment off campus"? Smart kid!!