Monday, October 20

Family Weekend: So Grateful

This weekend, Maxwell had a fever off and on since Friday morning, so we had to cancel our scheduled plans and we just spent time the four of us. It was disappointing that we couldn't do what we had planned, but it was a nice weekend none the less.

Saturday, we went to "our" farm to pick pumpkins. It was a bit cold but we were all there together and had a great time.

This is where the "So Grateful" part of my post comes in. Sitting cozily on our wagon ride, we sat next to a mom with a lil' boy. She was cradling him in her arms and you could see tubes coming from and going to him from a bag she carried on her back. She turned and asked another wagon rider to take a picture of them. As she turned him, we could see that he obviously had brain damage. He was barely aware of what was going on around him other than to flinch when the sun hit his face. He looked to be between 12-18 months old, not much younger than Maxwell, who was sitting on my lap happily chatting and pointing and looking around. I almost felt bad to have Maxwell sitting next to her.

But, I admire her for not keeping herself and her son at home. For taking him out and letting him experience life even if he may not be fully aware and understanding. I admire her, but I'm so grateful. So grateful that God granted me and Matt two healthy, smart, "normal" babies. I think sometimes God uses these moments to help us appreciate what we have and remind us to pray for those who have different situations.

That night, putting my boys to bed, I kissed them, thanked God for them and prayed for that woman and her strength. I wish I could tell her son how lucky he is to have her as a mother.


P~Bear said...


Lorene said...

What a touching story!

Things like that always make me thankful for what I have. Thanks for reminding me to day an extra little prayer tonight.

Marissa said...

word. when we bitch about bad hair days, nothing to wear or our kids driving us crazy, there are dozens upon dozens of people who would line up to take our lives if offered. its a blessing to be reminded of it too. we each have a cross to carry, some are just far more obvious than others -- and then there are crosses that some of us just plain create in our heads, kwim? we have it good, ellisa, really really good. *hugs*

Ellisa said...

Yes, we do Marissa. Very good.

Jen said...

Great story and great reminder about how lucky we are and how we really should be more thankful.

Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

This just gave me the chills. We truly are so blessed to have healthy children with no problems. I agree that it is so great that she takes him out and does "normal" life stuff with him. Even though he can't communicate, you never know how much he may actually be aware of. Thank you for sharing this story.