Thursday, October 30

Learning about me

I love to help. I love to work hard. I love to be busy and "doing" all the time. I hate sitting still and feeling like I'm not accomplishing something. Be it a goal for someone else, work at the school or exercising, I need to be making forward progress all the time. I hate being stagnant.

All of these things, leads to me having a hard time saying "No" to someone. When Payton's school started, I had all the plans in the world to be involved. I knew my strong points and my favorite committees I wanted to be on. It was just three. That was enough.

Then came another committee. Then a co-chair volunteered me to make something for another committee. (No, Robin, I don't mind!) And then the I agreed to take on the school newsletter. (SO happy with that...getting great feedback!) Then the prinicpal asked me to take on the co-treasurer position.

I realized this week, that I had too much. My school binder was busting at the seams. It wouldn't close! I had to give up something. I did. And I'm much happier. I don't feel like I have to be 10 places at once or that I have too much to do. I love what I've been able to accomplish thus far and I know my work is appreciated.

Ah. If only there was someone to hand the laundry and dusting over too. Guess I better start teaching Payton better.


The D'Alessandro Family said...

Well, I think it's awesome that you are so involved! I feel bad that I'm not more involved with Markus' school! And although I'm sure it was hard to give up something, it's great that you were able to recognize being pulled in too many directions before you went crazy! No one wants a crazy mommy!! lol
Happy Halloween!!!

Kim Cervone said...

If you can't say no, I certainly have some chores around here for you to do. What ever happenedto life calming down once they were in school?? Not the case!

Gene said...

No Life does not slow down once the kids are in school, quite the opposite LOL. And yes you do learn to start saying no, better to learn early on in the school yrs. as it seems it is always the same mom's doing the work. But it is fun to do, and your kids to appreciate it when you are there. Love Mom K