Sunday, October 26

Let the festivities begin!

This past Friday was the kick-off to our Halloween partying. And I'm already sick of candy, trinkets and pumpkins.

We began with a party on Friday our playgroup friends. Everyone looked so cute in their costumes. Kristi brought photos from the Halloween party two years ago. Dang, they were so cute. And small! Everyone had a lot of candy and pizza. And everyone had a great time!Saturday, P woke with a cough, so we skipped soccer and hung out at home instead. That afternoon, we had Nate's 5th birthday party. I can't believe that kiddo is five. Seems like I just at his first birthday party last year. :( He's so amazing. I love that kiddo.

After the Death By Chuck E' Cheese birthday party, we headed up to 'our' farm for trick-or-treating. We met up with a great group of friends that we don't get to see all that often anymore. And as always, the farm did not disappoint. Complete with plastic egg hunting in the hay and a kid friendly scary haunted house. Not to mention the wonderful odors of cows and horses. Yum!

After two days of partying, we decided to lay low today. Or that was the plan originally. I offered to my in-laws to come visit if they'd like. They haven't seen the boys in four weeks and that's a LONG time for them. So they accepted and said they'd be up this afternoon.

I got to work on the school newsletter that I agreed to take on. I realized I didn't install the software. That means installing Windows XP (yes, we're stuck in a 2000 time warp). Well, that wasn't happening. Luckily my in-laws hadn't left the house yet. Gene grabbed his laptop for me (THANKS, DAD K!!) and brought it up. They kindly watched the boys while I worked on the newsletter. It only took me 3.5 hours. Not bad for my first time with it. Next week, only 2 hours I think! Maybe less!

Anyway...all is said and done and the boys are (hopefully) asleep in bed. I'm going to pop myself some popcorn and curl up with my coupons and ads from the paper. Have a great Monday!


Gene said...

Absolutely cute pics what more can I say. Love Mom K.

Lorene said...

We had such a great time!

And um. That picture of Nate and Payton is so stinking cute! LOVE IT!