Wednesday, October 8

Rainy Day

Today, again, I spent the morning at Payton's school. This time, the music teacher, Ms. Powell had requested help for a 1.5 hour block. I was why not? It was defiantly a learning experience. I think I may lock Payton in a closet when he enters fourth grade if he's anything like the kids I saw today. Oy!

Since then, I've been home enjoying the gently falling rain and cuddling with Matt on the couch. I made a cake for the teacher's at school for tonight. It's Parent/Teacher conferences. Now my house smells all yummy!

I picked up Payton from school, he's done his homework and I think we're going to have some hot cocoa and apples for snack. Dinner won't be before too long and then we have our church program tonight. Payton loves his program there and we now have his bestest friends Rose & Bella going with us. And the adults attend a great program called "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage".

Enjoy your rainy day!

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Gene said...

sounds like a nice cozy day. And I don't think you will have to lock P in a closet LOL he's a great kid !!!! Love Mom K.