Friday, October 10

Gonna be a busy one!

I've been up since 6:30am. I'm already exhausted just thinking about my day.
I have to get my son to school, along with a little boy we pick up now because his mom and dad don't have a car. Then I have to get a friend of mine's son because her youngest son is having a medical procedure. So I have to take the oldest to school. Then BACK to Payton's school to have a committee meeting and meet with the media specialist and work on a few things with Payton's teacher.

Then Payton has an early release day. Grab him, bring him home to Matt who THANKFULLY is off work today. Then, I have to go grocery shopping. Bring the groceries home, unload, pick up the boys and take them to our FAB playgroup that we haven't been meeting with since the bigger kids are all in school. It's really hard to work out a schedule. Payton is so excited to see his friends.

While we're doing that, Matt will be helping a friend put up drywall in his basement. I'll come home, put the kids to bed and then Matt will come home. HOPEFULLY, he'll be bringing dinner and a bottle of wine. *wink, wink, Matt*

Ahhh...I see lots of coffee and Odwalla Bars in my near future.


1SG said...

It sounds as though you got a very early start to what promises to be a very busy day. You should be totally whipped by the time Matt arrives with dinner. Come on down for somemores around the fire.

Jen said...

Wow, I never thought the day would come that I would hear you were up and functioning at 6:30 am,LOL!! Hope it all goes smoothly!