Tuesday, October 28

Watch Out Below!!

The time has come. The event has happened. Maxwell took the plunge. Right out of his crib.

Yesterday when I went in to get him from his nap, he was standing by the bedroom door. "Hmm, that's odd. I know I put him in his crib." Ugh. He used his brother's bed (right next to his) as a landing surface and had thrown himself out of the crib. "Well, this doesn't look good for tonight's sleeping."

I was right. When it came time for "nigh-nigh", Maxwell kept moving himself from his crib to his brother's bed, then right out onto the floor and knocking on the bedroom door to be let out. Matt began the plan we've had in place for awhile...moving Max into the playroom. He's just not sleeping well with our school morning routine and now with this, it just made sense for both boys well being.

But, until Matt can finish the playroom conversion, we had to do something to keep Max in bed. Ah-ha! Turn the crib so it's against the wall (blocking the closet). Then he won't climb out because there's no where to land. Right?

Right!! At least initially. He went to sleep and Matt and I worked in the playroom to clean up and discussed the toy situation (hey grandparents: NO MORE TOYS!!). We went to bed and heard Maxwell up a few times in the night. He always went back to bed.

Until around 6am. The fussing became screaming. Matt went in to find Maxwell on the floor. Ugh. Payton NEVER did this! I know,I know...they're not the same kid.

He's too young and not well enough behaved to trust alone in a room, so we can't make his crib into a daybed yet. I **KNOW** he wouldn't stay in it. *sigh* What now?


Brightside said...

Uh oh!

Can he open the door?
When my boys could climb out of the crib, we ditched the crib. When they rolled out of bed, we got a bedrail, but that was a big pain so we got rid of that, then we found the mattress on the floor temporary solution. It was a good bridge for us until they learned how to stay in bed.


Gene said...

I have no words of wisdom on this other then chicken wire on top of the crib, JUST KIDDING LOL. Hope you find a solution. Love Mom K.

Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

I wish I had some great idea for you, but sadly, I don't. I hope you come up with soemthing good. Dang kids, they always come up with something, don't they? LOL

Marissa said...

I think you already do but do you have the mattress set to the lowest possible setting?

I think the playroom idea sounds like the best plan. It's that or a toddler bed and the playroom sounds like it will be more conducive toward actual sleep.

Ev knows how to get out of her crib but the novelty, thankfully, wore off. Now she will stand in her crib and whine loudly to get out, even though she knows how. Odd child.

Lorene said...

What about a crib tent?

Elle could crawl out at about 16 or 18 months, so we made the bed into a toddler bed and got Dora sheets. That helped keep her in there.

I wish ya luck my friend. I don't think that Cecelia will even be in her crib by the time she is Maxwell's age. Um. She seems to like my bed way too much. Such is life. *insert eyeroll here*