Friday, October 31

Trick-or-Treat 2008 ROCKED!

Tonight was Trick-or-Treating. Payton looks forward to it all year, talking about what he wants to be and how much candy he'll get. We go T-o-T'ing with Jennifer & Anna and Tiffany, Nate & Lydia, like we have every year since 2004. This was the best year...for five reasons.

First; the weather. It was so warm all day and continued to be so for T-o-T'ing time. No one really had to wear extra warm clothes, no rain, no snow. It was great!

Second; the boys rocked out the candy situation. We brought home 14 full size candy bars, 9 bags of chips and about 6-7 lbs of other candy. Matt and I have already sorted out the kids' stuff from the adult stuff. And discarded all the open candy and things that the boys can't eat and we don't like. i.e. laffy taffy, now & laters, jawbreakers, crappy gum, jujubees, dots, etc.

Third; Maxwell was adorable. He had a fair trade agreement when we started out. He would only take the candy from someone else if he could give them one first. He handed out a lot of candy. Most people would laugh, comment that they'd never gotten candy back before and hand it back over his head. So cute. By the end, he was really getting it though. He figured out he didn't have to give to receive. That was the end of the agreement and Maxwell tried to get a monopoly on the candy situation.

Fourth; Matt. This is the first time we've ever been trick-or-treating together. Since 2003 he's worked every Halloween except one. That one, I was in Vegas with his mom while he was at home with Payton. It was so nice to be together as a family. He had a great time. And so did I.

The last reason that Trick-or-Treat 2008 rocked: B.E.E.R. Yep!! There was a trick-or-treat house that had treats for the grownups. Pop. Beer. Wine. Whatever you wanted, they'd give it to you. Bud Light, Labatts, Bud, Red wine, Pepsi... It rocked. Definitely beat the lady in the cool house that gave out $5 worth of stuff per kid. Yep. I'll take a beer over Hannah Montana candy ANY DAY!!


Jen said...

This was definitely our best year yet!! I'm so glad we have an awesome tradition and I can't wait to next year!!

I'm also glad we were able to add a little beer and wine to the mix too!!LOL!!!

Gene said...

What a great time you must have had! The pics are great and loved story on how Max was handing out candy LOL. Also love the idea of Parent treats. Love Mom K.

Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

I agree, the weather was downright awesome this year! I'm glad you guys had such a great time and it's awesome that Matt was able to go with you guys this year. Love the story about Maxwell with the candy trading...too cute!