Monday, October 27

Relit my fire!

Every Monday, Payton's school sends home a newsletter with each child. Since the beginning on the school year, I've been noticing how it's become harder for the principal to get a good copy out in time for the teachers to pass it out and get it home.

A few weeks ago I mentioned to Mrs. Dowker, the principal, that if she ever needed any help with the newsletter, that I would be happy to help. It's what my (useless) degree is in, so I may as well use it right? Well, that suggestion was all it took.

This weekend I worked on the school newsletter for about 4 hours total and this morning another 30 minutes of changes. I showed a few new friends at the school to see what they thought and if there were any changes I should make and I got rave reviews! Everyone really seemed to like it. I sent it off to Mrs. Dowker and left the building.

By the time I got home, she had emailed me and said I had done an "awesome job". And it felt awesome! I loved doing it. It was something that was easy to me and I have a passion for. I'm excited about a lot of things that I'm doing at the school, but I am the most excited about this one. The newsletter is so important at any school. It's how parents who can't be involved can stay involved. I used my writing skills, my layout and editing skills and even some photography!

YEAH!! I'm so happy to be using my degree...even if I'm not getting paid for it. (Sorry, Dad!!)


Marissa said...


P~Bear said...

I wouldn't pay you for doing that either. Schools have to be cheap.
I am glad you are enjoying it. E-mail me a copy so I can see it.

But you HAVE TO start earning money with that degree, the idea was that if I paid for most of your school you could get a good job and support me in a few years.

Kim Cervone said...

Save some of those newsletters for whenyou are ready to put out resumes for a paying job. Volunteer work is great for a resume you know. I'm glad you relit your fire..missin you!

Lauren said...

Awesome!! Schools need more moms like you :)

Gene said...

Your degree is not useless!!!! You worked hard for it. I am glad you enjoyed doing the news letter, good luck with the rest of the year, you are probably a God sent for the principal. Love Mom K.

The D'Alessandro Family said...

Good for you for helping out so much! I understand what you mean about having a "useless" degree... I also have one of those! It's not useless, we're just not using it at this moment in time. Anyway, you're making me look bad! j.k.