Monday, March 3

Double time: dreams

You get two blogs today since I haven't blogged all weekend!! Aren't YOU lucky?!

I had this crazy weird dream on Saturday night (and I wasn't even drinking!). Matt and I had bought a house from an old couple. It was on a really nice street in a nice neighborhood, right on a lake. When you walked in the front door to one side was a old kitchen and living room. To the other side was a new kitchen and living room. I asked Matt why it was like that and he told me that it was because when the first one got old, the man didn't want to tear it out and redo it, so he just built a new one. (...oh it gets weirder)

Upstairs, there were 4 bedrooms one in each corner of the house. Two on one wall, were connected with a long closet/hallway that we ended up using as Maxwell's bedroom because it was so big. Payton was in one of those bedrooms and we were in the other. Then there was a playroom and a computer room. night I was giving Maxwell a bath and the whole wall fell into the tub. Not in a scary crashing-in kind of way, but in a slimy sliding kind of way. Inside the wall, I could see all the pipes and wiring that ran through the house. While I was watching it, apparently unaffected by the sliding slimy wall in the tub, the pipes started to glow red hot and I could see the water going through them. And then the wiring started glowing blue and sparking. I asked Matt and he said it was fine and just because the house was old. (don't trust Matt on subjects of pipes or wiring).

So we went out back and Matt was fishing in the lake. But this is no ordinary lake. No, this lake comes right up to our backdoor. Like two steps and you're in the lake. Our neighbor yells over and asks Matt what he's catching and Matt holds up these pink fish/squid combo things. They were fish until the fin...then it had squid tentacles. So the neighbor offers up an old wench and pulley system he has to help Matt catch bigger fish. And he does. BIG ones. Bigger than Payton. Know how I know they're bigger than Payton? Because one lands on him and knocks him to the ground and Matt has to pull it off. (don't trust Matt to take my kid fishing either I guess).

So to escape all this, Maxwell and I go around to the front of the house. The front yard is really nice, but there are a ton of antiques in the yard. The former owners didn't have room for any of it, so they left it there for us. So I told Matt that I didn't want it and started giving it away to the neighbors.

Then I woke up. Thank goodness, because I'm not sure where else this could have gone.

So who's my dream interpreter? Whatcha got for me?


Marissa said...

Dream interpretor says:

Ellisa needs to stop doing LSD before bedtime.


Gene said...

All I can think of is, are you stressing about the house for some reason? Love Mom
PS, I like Marissa's response LOL

Kim Cervone said...

Pretty vivid dream. Sorry, no interpretation from me. With your web savvy, I'm sure you can find an interpretation online. I'm just not sure which of the many parts of the dream you would research!