Tuesday, March 18

I'm back!!

Whew! We got "the ickies" around here somethun' fierce!! I started getting sick on Sunday night and then Matt got sick last night. We're talking REAL sick. Like the spending time in front of the toliet wondering if you'll actually die there. Nasty!

BUT I'm better. (Matt's getting there.) Unfortunately we contaminated a few friends and family members in the process. So sorry about that! I hope you're all feeling 100% soon! Blame it on Maxwell...he brought it here first!

Anyway, life is good again today. I went to a National Heritage Academy meeting about Payton's Kindergarten in the fall. *GASP* he will be FIVE in 4.5 weeks. And he's starting REAL school. I can't handle it. no. not my baby. *sob*

I'm not sure where he'll go yet, but this school is definately in the running. I really like the "feel" of it and I like the principal A LOT. I'm considering a few others, but we'll have to see how those pan out yet.

Well, I missed you all, but I have a ton of stuff to catch up on since I've been sick. The house looks like a bomb hit it. ugh. "See" you soon.


Jen said...

Glad you are feeling better and hopefully everyone will be 100% soon!!

Kindergarten, can you believe it? Seems like we were just pushing those stinkers in their strollers through the zoo ( well we still do, but because they are lazy,LOL!)and now they are off to Kindergarten in the fall. It's bittersweet.

Lorene said...

Glad you guys are all feeling better!

I think I am just going to run away with Em so that we don;t have to start Kindergarten. Can I do that??? LOL!