Thursday, March 6

Gym Time

Matt and I have decided to join a new gym. We went to two tonight with the kiddos to see what each was like. We haven't made a decision tonight, but we are definately weighing the pros and cons.

* cheaper
* bigger
* great indoor pool; lazy river; kid play area; waterslides; lap lanes
* classes not included in price (additional monthly fees)
* family locker rooms
* average childwatch
* cafe
* new and modern

* slightly more expensive, no joiners fee
* no pool, but we can use the pool at other local Y's (Royal Oak, Mt. Clemens) for no fees
* smaller
* basic classes included in price, extra classes paid
* great childwatch
* older, built in 1981, slightly outdated

So, we have to decide. I guess we'll mull it over a few days and see what we think.
If you have any input, please say so!


Marissa said...

where is the next closest Y? What about considering what Tiffany is doing and pay the extra $12 (?) to have the ability to go to all the local Y's? Is the Warren Rec pool inside or out? That will limit your usage if its outside, kwim? Good luck weighing your options, babe! :)

Kim Cervone said...

I wpould go with the rec center. i think the lazy river etc. will come in very handy next LONG LONG winter. As you know, I am also a big fan of cheaper!!

Jen said...

I've heard great things about the Warren Rec Center. Good Luck deciding!!

Ellisa said...

Marissa: I edited my post, but we can use the pool at other Y's because ours doesn't have one. We could use Tiffany's or Rachel's Y for swimming. The Rec pool is all indoors.

Ugh....decisions, decisions, decisions...