Thursday, March 13

Spring has sprung? Maybe??

Today, I woke up with motivation and commitment in my heart. As soon as the boys had breakfast, I loaded them up and we went to the Y. I found a new route and it only took me 10 minutes! yeah! I really need to do my orientation soon so that I can know how to use the machines better. I did my best, but there were a few that just didn't seem right and I didn't want to hurt myself just starting back. So I did about 8 machines and then my intervals again. I'm really hoping to be able to really jog/run for 45 minutes straight by the end of summer.

Maxwell did much better in childwatch and they let the older kids run around in the gym, so Payton had a good time. He didn't want to leave when it was time to go home.

After, we came home, had lunch and then it really started to warm up outside. By 2:30pm it was 55 degrees!! I got Payton's bike and helmet out and loaded Max in the stroller. We went around the block twice and Payton was too tired to go any more.

I think we'll just hang out here at home the rest of the night and then tomorrow, Matt is doing some repairs on the car and I'm going to try to rake up the leaves left from fall and pull up the dead flowers in my flower beds.

I pray that this is the beginning of spring and that the snow is gone...but this is Michigan. I know better than to be too optimistic.


Tiffany said...

sorry babe, I can't think of a single April when we didn't have at least one snowfall- but the end is at least near!

Jen said...

At least we are close enough to spring to talk about the REAL possibility of it happening soon. At least today is beautiful!!!