Sunday, March 30


I busted through! At the gym this morning, I was able to do a mile in less than 13 minutes! WOOHOO!! I've been working on it the last few weeks and I finally did it. That was my first "mini goal".

Next Goals:

Lose 5 lbs by May 1st

Run mile in 12 minutes by June 1st


P~bear said...

Way to Go Girl. I wish that I had your determination. The weight loss will be hard if you keep sucking down those rich drinks, but they sound real good.

God's~Janitor said...

You asked where you could find my blog.

Lauren said...

WTG!!! You sound like me. I am trying to beat my 14 min goal to 13min!!! Keep up the drive!

Marissa said...

YOU GO!! I'm so proud of you!

Kim Cervone said...

Hip Hip Hooray!!! Great job, Ellisa!! Now I play devil's advocate, 5 pounds in a month is careful! xo