Saturday, March 29

Work Day Two

We actually got up on time yesterday! That was a great start. We worked on the kitchen cabinets, painted around the doors and molding in the hallway, painted the ceiling in all the main rooms, painted the ceiling in the laundry room, hung a ceiling fan and then finished the kitchen sink. VERY productive! My car is loaded with donations to take the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. They take donations and then sell or give them to homeowners.

After we finished our cleanup from all our projects, we met up with one of Matt's friends, Dave, and his wife, Rebecca. It was our first time all metting each other, and we had a great time. We went to Cheeseburger in Paradise and ran into a friend of mine, Jessica. She had me get a great drink, a Pomegrante Rum Mojito. SO yummy. Then after we were seated, I ordered another Mojito in Pinana Colada. Ohhhhh. Delicious! We had a great meal and then the guys wanted to go see Semi-Pro with Will Ferrell. It was funny, but not great. But the guys liked it. Either way, it was fun to hang out with some of Matt's friends for a change.

Today, I'm finishing up a few details here and there. I need to run an errand or five and then I'm going shopping this afternoon with a friend. Tomorrow I hope to squeeze in some gym time between church and grocery shopping before the boys come home tomorrow around 7pm. By the time they come home, it'll be four full days since I've seen them. I miss them so much. I wonder if Maxwell will still want to nurse or if he'll just give it up. He's 15 months now, so anything is possible!

Have a great weekend! Enjoy the sunshine if you can!


Lauren said...

YummO to your drinks. Now I want one!!! Sounds like things are going as planned and even better? Glad you guys are moving along.

ps I envy you, I need someone to take my kids so I can get stuff done around our house!

T-ea drinker said...

I can't wait to see what you guys got done!

Kim Cervone said...

Nice to spend time with his friends for a change, but you are longer for another mom's night, eight?? Glad you had a good time and just enough to really miss your babies!!